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The Contest
All pharmaceutical personnel who are in marketing or brand management. The iEnvision Group has an easy contest in place for all of you.

Timeframe: May 15th - July 15, 2013

Who is Eligible: Anyone in pharmaceutical marketing or brand management, any level

What is the Contest: Go to www.ienvisiongroup.com . Gain a pass to MyVirtualSalesRep.com (MVSR) by providing your business information under the tab at the top-right of the page. Acquire your pass in your email given. Then go to MVSR and see our product demo and how we may help you and your brand increase share with your targeted providers. Congratulations, you are automatically enrolled in the drawing for the following prizes.

If you also download our White Paper; “Moving Pharmaceutical Promotion in to the Next Century…PharmaMarketing & E-Promotion 101”, you will automatically be enrolled for another chance at a prize.

Prizes: 1st drawing - $50 AMEX Gift Card
2nd Drawing - $20 Bath & Body Works Gift Card
3rd Drawing - $10 Starbucks Gift Card

Winners will be notified the week of July 15, 2013 via email and phone and posted on our site.

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