The iEnvision Group, LLC was recently featured on a radio blog show called Live From the Bay with Joey. There, Larry Thibault the Managing Partner, Head of Operations explained who the iEnvision Group is and their newest application, designed for pharmaceutical / medical device promotion. Please hit the button and you will be connected to the short 15-minute portion of the show. Thank you.

PR: For Immediate Release

Look at what the newswires and media are saying about "Myvirtualsalesrep"...

" can be accessed by any computer, iPad, iPhone or Android / Microsoft operating device, all on the customers schedule, 24/7/365 days per year. Virtually anything that a live sales representative can do, can do better and more efficiently".

This launch is circulating Coast to Coast...the periodicals that carried this story have been ones such as ...

SF Gate
Houston Chronicle
Google News
Boston Globe
Press Daily… and more!
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Today, the i Envision Group LLC, headquartered in the Silicon Valley ( San Francisco Bay Area) has just launched! A virtual, pharmaceutical promotional, platform for physicians? All in your mind! Or is it? The consensus today from the medical community is that they do not have any time to interact with these sales people. In fact 25% of these physicians say they do not want to be bothered and need to tend to their patients. Sales representatives are viewed by many in the medical community as an interrupt / disrupt to the physicians and their staff! With the pharmaceutical industry in need of change, on how they do business, little has ever taken place in regards to utilizing new promotional models.

One of these new models, is a state of the art, novel, platform, and named nonetheless but myvirtualsalesrep, has been developed with the help of individuals from across the globe. Virtually anything that a live sales representative can do, myvirtualsalesrep can do as well, 24/7/365 days per year. This model will revolutionize the way brands are promoted and give the end-user, medical personnel, an easier more comfortable format to gain medical information.

Think outside the box, think myvirtualsalesrep, powered by i Envision Group, LLC.
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