iEnvisionGroup has deep experience in launching pharma “mega-brands” from both the agency and sales perspective.
We have over 50 years of combined marketing and sales experience within the pharmaceutical industry.
Specializing in HD-video media to deliver a virtual presentation to a customer on your brand.

Delivering a "sales person" to your targeted customers 24/7/365 all within a secured, cloud-based platform.

Today, almost 25% of the physicians in the nation confer that they do not see representatives from pharmaceutical and other medically relevant companies. Of the remaining, almost 50% state they see representatives by appointment only, which usually means a “Lunch & Learn” where your representative feeds the entire office for a quick 5 minutes with the prescriber. How economical is that? Additionally with HIPPA regulations, many offices restrict sales people from patient areas. Representatives thus are spending an inordinate amount of time, waiting to see the physician between patient visits and phone calls for a 30-second blurp of your brand.

Clearly, a new channel of brand promotion is needed to gain access to the prescriber on their terms, without the interruptions of daily office work. A channel which allows the prescriber full, accurate prescribing information in a manner that allows for maximum interest and absorption of the material. Well, wait no's here! A virtual sales person the prescriber can visit at any time, day or night, This web portal allows your targeted and only your targeted customer, the ability to view their virtual representative give them a full, regulatory-approved, enjoyable video experience on a brand of interest to them. Further, a P.I. of the brand along with the ability to request samples and a medically relevant gift of nominal value is available if the prescriber views the entire presentation. Additionally the physician will have the ability to request for additional medical information, from your medical affairs department and if you want, have the physician request to attend a dinner program that may be held in his/her area!

What a way to supplement your sales force efforts on their high-decile prescribers, filling in on a vacant territory or launching that brand in the market! The i Envision Group will contact your targeted prescriber via various communication channels to advise them that they are invited to access their personal, virtual sales person at their convenience. In return, you gain access to a dashboard of information on access to the web site along with other data.

But do not take our word alone on the interest of this novel approach to pharmaceutical marketing and promotion. Here are some testimonials from prescribers who have viewed this already:

"MyVirtualSalesRep is a great idea! It provides the convenience for the provider to interact with the representative on his own schedule. The application is easy to navigate and allows the provider to complete a broad number of tasks which would otherwise be very difficult to coordinate with a representative in person.”
– J. L. , MD, San Francisco, CA

“I love this! I cannot even tell you how much time and energy this will save, let alone giving me back time that the pharmaceutical reps takes away from my staff and I with all their interruptions. This seems friendly, to the point, easy to access and I can get the information on the medication and the studies and side effects 24/7! ...this is a no brainer, I love it!!”
– M. P., MD, Palo Alto, CA

“At first I thought, really a virtual platform for me to receive information? Then I saw what the potential of this new tool was. All I could say was yes! In today’s world, especially in the medical field, the practitioner does not have much time for millions of interruptions. We need some changes on how we receive information, get samples, apply for programs. We need a way to receive this all on our own terms and time frame, so thank you MyVirtualSalesRep! I know this will be a hit with my colleagues.”
– J. K., CNP, New York City, NY

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