What is MyVirtualSalesRep (MVSR)?
MVSR is a cloud-based, secured, platform that provides your targeted prescriber with their own virtual sales representative. Additionally, this website provides additional services that any real-to-life representative could, but provides it at the leisure of the provider, 24/7/365.

Who is i Envision Group, LLC?
i Envision Group is a pharmaceutical marketing / consultant company that supplies solutions to brand promotions. i Envision has developed and powered the MyVirtualSalesRep.com website, via a team of experts working around the world and based in Silicon Valley, California. With over 50-years of experience in pharmaceutical sales, marketing and advertising, i Envision has developed the ultimate, virtual experience in pharmaceutical promotion and support.

How does a prescriber gain access to MVSR?
Any prescriber can gain access to MVSR and its brand presentations. The only exception to this would be, should you have a specific targeted provider specialty list, and you want to limit views to only them, or you provide a medical relevant gift of minimal value that will require an access code. This access can also be provided for your select group of specialist which will then be able to view to the virtual presentations AND the other services that MVSR supplies. By the way, the i Envision Group will supply to the provider – an access code that is only valid for the promotional cycle you are presently in. A different promotional cycle or different marketing turn by you, then a provider can be added or dropped from your target list.

Why do you need MVSR?
MVSR can serve many functions on and above that a sales representative can do, without inflicting on the valuable time a provider has when seeing patients. MVSR is available for the provider 24/7/365, so it does not impede on HIPPA requirements the office has. Additionally and more important, in focus groups of providers, 95% stated they would use MVSR instead of or in conjunction with their representative, if they do see representatives.

How can MVSR also assist your targeted providers?
MVSR can also serve as a source to gain samples for patients, request additional medical information on your brand, via your medical affairs department, invite your provider to a local informational program, if available and an approved PI on the brand at their fingertips.

What is in it for your brand?
If you have open territories, your brand is in harvest mode, you need to increase reach and frequency, or you just need additional contacts to your high-decile prescribers to increase exposure and market share, MVSR is right for you. You now have the ability to offer sales management a solution to your exposure problem! Further, if you have a new indication, formulary win or you need to gain hospital exposure, MVSR can do all of this, without the need of a CSO or taking away your own sales representatives time. Exposure + Correct Message= Higher Market Share!

MVSR must be quite expensive?
Actually not, MVSR for a yearly contract equals less than the many marketing programs you are instituting now. Compared to any competitors that are even close to what we offer, MVSR is more than three times LESS the cost!

That is why our mission statement is.....
Delivering your brand to the forefront of your customers mind!

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